Photo Booth Cube Frequently Asked Question's

Photo Booth CubeWhy choose The Photobooth Company?

  • The Photobooth Company is the only commercial-grade, portable photo booth on the market that fits up to 10 guests. Our patented system was specifically designed so that a highschool or college student could run an event all by themself. We exceed all UL safety ratings and have several built-in safety features such as fire-retardant nylon, power surge equipment protection, and booth breakaway detachment systems (in case someone falls). Quality, portability, simplicity, and safety are all guaranteed.

  • The Photobooth Company is not only America's largest photo booth manufacturer, we bring you the expertise from servicing thousands of events in the Chicagoland area for over 10 years. We are constantly improving and upgrading our systems based on feedback, from our multi-unit owners and event servicing team, with the latest technologies on the market. We'll also help you get started with easy marketing tips that will guarantee exposure and get your business off to a quick start.

  • The Photobooth Company is a unique turn-key business opportunity with superior return on investment potential. We provide you with a Complete Package, which includes everything you need to start servicing events such as weddings, holiday parties, and corporate events. The Photobooth Company is an easily marketable and high demand service that provides your clients with exceptional guest entertainment. We pride ourselves in bringing you the only professional photo booth unit on the market that offers a true turn-key business with "one-person portability."

Photo Booth CubeHow do the photo booths work?

    Your guest simply jump in the booth, push the color or black & white photo button, and pose. The monitor will countdown while allowing a real-time view as pictures are taken instantly. Studio quality photo's print on the spot and will be ready by the time guests step out of the booth. Video Booth models allow your guest to select "Photo Booth Mode" or "Video Booth Mode." The Video Booth mode allows your guest to record a video clip that can be replayed, deleted, or saved. Our proprietary system was developed by in-house software engineers using the best technology available and is unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Photo Booth CubeAre there minimum liquid capital or net worth requirements?

  • We do not have any liquid capital or net worth requirements since the initial investment amount includes everything you need to start your business.

Photo Booth CubeHow do I estimate my profit?

  • We are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission and various state regulations from providing you with specific profit projections. You need to do this yourself, but we can give some guidance.

    Your only variable costs in this business are photo paper and ribbon, and event setup, so your profit is essentially your event revenue minus those variable costs. The number of events you service is up to you.

Photo Booth CubeIs this considered a small business?

  • Yes, this is considered a small business under guidelines published by the IRS. There are many tax saving advantages to owning a business such as deducting travel expenses used in your business, deducting some of your home expenses, and contributing to a retirement plan though your new small business. We recommend consulting with your tax advisor to maximize all the benefits that come with owning a small business.

Photo Booth CubeHow soon will it take to begin servicing events?

  • Upon payment and completion of our sales agreement, we will ship your Complete Package in 3-5 business days. On average, it takes about 2 hours for initial installation and system configuration. After initial configuration it takes just 15-minutes for complete event setup. We suggest that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the system so you can take advantage of all the features and customizable options that you'll have available, but you will be able to start servicing events immediately.

Photo Booth CubeWill I need a truck or a van for transportation?

  • No. Your complete operation will fit inside ANY passenger car, such as a Toyota Camry/Corolla, Honda Accord/Civic, Ford Fusion/Focus, or Chevy Impala/Malibu. Our patented system was specially designed for quick setup and easy transport.

Photo Booth CubeWhat if I need replacement parts or supplies?

  • Our equipment is virtually trouble free and will require very little maintenance. All equipment and parts also come with full manufacturer's warranty. We are one of the nation's largest distributor of photo booth supplies so you can enjoy discounted rates on photo paper, ribbon, and replacement parts. We are also authorized resellers for Canon, HiTi, HP, and Microsoft, so come back to us for any of your replacement or backup equipment needs.

Photo Booth CubeCan I receive support after I receive my Complete Package?

  • Of course! Our system does require basic computer knowledge, but we have a team of professionals available to help. For computer or software-related questions, please contact our software support team at 800-517-4522. For setup-related questions, please contact our customer service team at 888-484-6656. Our support teams are available Monday thru Friday during regular business hours.

Photo Booth CubeDo you offer any type of guarantee?

  • Our patented design and national recognition guarantees a unique business from a brand you can trust. We stand behind our product with an unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee.

Photo Booth CubeHow many photo booth units do I need to purchase?

  • First you need to decide how much money you want to make. Then, we can help you decide how many units to invest in. Remember, you can only service one event if you only have one unit. Our most successful owners have multiple units so they never have to refuse a client because they're "booked." Many trade shows, expos, and corporate events also request multiple units for a single event.

Photo Booth CubeDo you offer military discounts?

  • We are honored to help those that serve. Active duty, Active reserve, retired military and immediate family are eligible for military discounts. Law enforcement, firefighters, and teachers are also eligible for special discounts. Please inform your sales rep at time of purchase. ID required.

Photo Booth CubeHow do I pay for my order?

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, certified checks, cashiers check, and money order for your convenience. If paying with certified check, cashiers check, or money order, we will waive all processing fees and expedite your order at no charge.

Photo Booth CubeDoes The Photobooth Company offer financing?

  • We've partnered with Paypal's BillMeLater to bring you no payments, no interest for 6 months to those that qualify. We also offer programs through third-party lenders that have provided 100% financing options including SBA, business, and personal loans. Please ask your sales rep about our great financing options.

Photo Booth CubeHow do I get started?

  • Order ONLINE by clicking here and selecting your package or call us today at 888-484-6656.

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